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Building Automation vs Energy Management Services

Energy efficient air conditioning units are essential in building the green hvac systems of tomorrow.

Technology is our friend at Hughes Mechanical. We know the latest products and their capabilities, and we can work with you to determine how technology can help you and your family or business. We offer the perfect amenities to air conditioning and heating systems that provide convenience as well as save money.

Our programmable thermostats are the perfect complement to energy efficient air conditioning units. You control the operation of the air conditioning and heating unit, allowing for complete control of costs and function. We can help to set up your new system, asking the right questions to schedule your system’s automation and energy management. Not only do we consider the comfort needs, we also assess daily activities in our planning process.

Our technology will save you money while also ensuring your comfort as you come and go, and it is energy efficient. There is no need to remember to turn off the air or to come in early to warm up or cool off the facility.  Your family or staff will thank you for it!  The technology, along with your new air conditioning and heating system, will do all the work for you, offering you peace of mind and more money in your pocket. It’s about comfort and efficiency.

Unlike other products, if it’s not broken, you still need to fix it. This is not new technology, but maybe it’s time for you to replace your old controls. Your thermostat may actually be costing you money. Replace the manual thermostat and start saving immediately. It will soon pay for itself in both money and time, as well as energy saved. If you still have to walk to the thermostat every day, it’s time to develop a new plan. Call Hughes Mechanical to change out your old controls and begin saving time and money.

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