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Testing & Balancing

Air duct repair requires expert testing & balancing in order to maximize longevity and efficiency from your hvac system.

It is important to make sure the air ducts are operating properly. Hughes Mechanical can calibrate ducts, calibrate air flow, repair ducts, and ensure optimal performance.

Quality air must flow properly through the ducts to promote efficiency and climate control. We measure to assess whether ductwork is air tight and is working properly to move air throughout the home or business. If there are leakage areas, we repair them, immediately improving the performance of your air conditioning and heating system. Checking the pressure of the air through the ducts provides our professionals with the information they need to make sure your system is operating in an energy efficient, cost effective manner. If you are waiting to repair your system or to have it tested, consider the fact that it may be costing you more money to wait than it would to fix the problem. Leaky ducts will require more energy and result in higher monthly bills. Fixing the problem will result in immediate improvement and lower costs.

Hughes Mechanical can provide estimates on repairing your current system or installing new equipment. Our professionals are honest and thorough. We will show you how your system ranks before employing repairs and adjustments. We want our customers to be completely involved in the process from planning to repair and maintenance. We will keep you informed every step of the way.

Our friendly technicians will show you the results of the testing and will thoroughly explain the strengths and weaknesses of your system. It’s important that all of the system’s parts are working together to produce highly energy efficient air conditioning and heating. In fact, the air ducts are a big part of ensuring better air quality and comfort. Ask our technician to explain the process so you understand how to make the most of your heating and air conditioning unit.

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