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Indoor Air Quality & Testing

Hughes Mechanical provides clean and fresh air to your office with quality air duct testing and maintenance.

Homeowners and business owners should know the quality of the air inside – and whether their structures are sealed enough to pass International Building Code standards. If you have an air conditioning and heating system with the proper equipment in place, the structure should be energy efficient and have a comfortable environment – one that you can easily control.

We conduct a blower door tests. With blower door testing, we can understand the problems that may exist in the home or business. We check for places where condensation builds, whether there are leaks around windows and doors, and whether equipment should be adjusted or improved to allow for the best air quality. The blower door test consists of Hughes Mechanical professionals installing a specific piece of equipment in the door frame while running diagnostics that reveal problems. After the completion of the test, we will explain exactly where the issues may be and the actions necessary for repair.

This test is essential to identify any problems with air distribution in the home or business. Very inexpensive fixes can save hundreds in energy bills, and we will be honest and fair in our recommendations. The blower door test, along with duct leakage testing can and will help you determine whether your home’s air conditioning and heating system is performing at its highest and most energy efficient capacity. It’s our goal to make sure there is an immediate return on your investment.

We have the latest in technology and equipment at Hughes Mechanical and can schedule a blower door test or a duct leakage test. We provide quick service so that you can immediately see the financial benefit and get back to comfortable. Call Hughes Mechanical today to schedule your appointment with professionals who know and understand the importance of having an air tight air conditioning and heating system and building envelope.

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