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Our technicians can design and build custom air conditioning systems that will help you save money.

Air conditioning is air conditioning, right? All systems are created equal? Not so.

At Hughes Mechanical, we understand each home or business has its own specific list of needs. Whether it’s due to increased need to control an environment for medical or healthcare purposes or it’s due to specific needs of employees or family members, air conditioning and heating systems can provide various levels of power to control the environment.

Our professionals know the capabilities of our universal units and will explain the benefits and limitations of any of our systems. We do not assume that a home or business requires the same system as similar structures; we ask the right questions to determine what is best for your particular family or commercial business. At Hughes Mechanical, we provide custom air conditioning and heating system consultations to ensure we meet your specific needs.

Some determining factors for air conditioning purchases include:

  • Location of the system

  • Size of the home or business

  • Design of the home or business

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Shade or direct sunlight around the home or business

  • Healthcare needs

  • Personal preference

  • Noise levels

We know your first priority is comfort, but we also understand there are other things to consider. We will not try to sell you a system you don’t need, but we also will share complete information concerning all our products to help you make the right decision. Air conditioning and heating systems are a major investment, and you can trust the professional sales team at Hughes Mechanical to fit your family or business needs – no more and no less. We also work with contractors to determine what might be best for new construction projects.

Call today to see why so many families and businesses have trusted Hughes Mechanical. It would be our pleasure to work with you to customize your air conditioning and heating system.

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