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Repairs / Replace Service

Our air conditioning repair and replacement service is fast, honsest, and efficient.

At some point in time, an air conditioner will require repair or even replacement. You can trust the air conditioning and heating professionals at Hughes Mechanical to provide an honest assessment of your system and explain whether the fix will require simple maintenance, a scheduled repair, or replacement.

When it is time for major repairs or replacement, Hughes Mechanical offers quick turnaround service in a thorough and efficient manner.

If you are experiencing some of the following issues, it may be time to call for an appointment:

  • The machine is loud or makes noises during starts up or during its cycle.

  • The air conditioning unit will not automatically come on or will not shut off.

  • The air doesn’t get “as cold” or “as warm” as it should.

  • There is a change in your electricity bill, and it’s not due to additional use due to changes in temperatures outside.

  • There is water dripping from the system or puddling beside any of its parts.

  • You can feel little or no air coming from the system.

Here in the South, we know how important it is for the temperature to remain at a comfortable level inside. We rely on homes and businesses to provide a respite from the heat, and it can be unsafe if air conditioners are not functional. We respond quickly to air conditioning and heating problems.

We are honest because we depend on our customers to share our good name. We will give you a good reason to do so. Our customer service is unmatched. Call today to schedule your repair or replacement service. If we can fix it, we will; if we can’t, we will provide a fair price and quality replacement – one that offers improved air quality and immediate comfort.

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