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Indoor Air Quality

Improve your indoor air quality today with Hughes Mechanical air quality control and testing.

While your home may be well maintained and cleaned, it doesn’t necessarily mean the air circulating is as healthy as it could be. Every structure can fall victim to airborne bacteria or the quick development of mold.  Our team members are trained in air quality measuring and data logging to identify the sources contributing to poor indoor air quality.

Hughes Mechanical can help you choose a system or component that will improve indoor air quality and act as an added layer to promote health and wellness in your home or business. Those with seasonal or environmental allergies will certainly enjoy improved air quality with Hughes Mechanical air conditioning and heating systems. Our various indoor air quality products act as air sterilizers and help continuously “clean” the air in your home.

Hughes Mechanical can provide and install products such as UV lamps within the ductwork, near the evaporator coil to control air quality. The UV lamp and other similar products disrupt the development of microorganisms such as mold and helps to eliminate germs in the duct system and home. This promotes the circulation of clean air. The air is continuously sterilized while you, your families, your employees or your clients are benefitting from the comfort of a cooler or warmer environment.

As with regular maintenance, you can help control the air quality between Hughes Mechanical maintenance visits. Change your filters regularly and call immediately if you’re experiencing problems with your air conditioning and heating unit. Quick response time to small problems may prevent them from turning into major and expensive repairs or replacements. The professionals at Hughes Mechanical will walk you through the issue and explain all options for repair.

Call Hughes Mechanical to ask how you can better control the air quality in your home or business. We can work on existing systems or build new ones.

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