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Custom Maintenance Contracts

Hughes Mechanical offers customizable heating and air conditioning maintenance plans for your business.

Maintenance of air conditioning systems is important for several reasons. First, a well maintained system can add years to the life of the unit and help your commercial business avoid unnecessary costs and repairs. Our professionals ensure the unit is clean and structurally sound so it is operating at full capacity and not adding to the electric bill.

Second, not all air conditioning and heating systems require the same maintenance. Depending on your business and its services, we can customize a plan for maintenance to meet your needs and budget. It’s our promise that we will not try to sell you on services that do not meet your needs, but we also will make sure you are receiving thorough maintenance services in order to protect the air conditioning and heating units.

Maintenance can include the following:

  • Filter Changes

  • Belt Changes

  • Cleaning of Coils

  • Electrical Inspections or Readings

  • Cleaning of Drain Lines

  • Etc.

We can customize a regular maintenance program that will prolong the life of your air conditioning and heating unit. Our contracts offer flexibility, and you have full control of services and customization. Call us today to begin a regular maintenance program so you can keep your cool.

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